Efficient Team Building

Leeds has a well-deserved rep as UK party capital but it’s excellent for team building too! Whether you’re looking toActivities in Leeds for Efficient Team Building treat your team for a job well done or to improve their skills, Leeds is sure to have something for you!

The Crystal Maze is a tremendous team building activity based on the hit 90’s TV show. Your group will be split into mini-teams at the start of the day and sent in rotation to four different zones, each with their own unique set of challenges. The challenges are categorised into physical, mental and skill, so you can be sure that your team will test and develop a wide range of skills and abilities. They’ll have to work together to solve them too, meaning communication and team bonding will be immensely stronger. A fun day out and a highly effective team building exercise, the Crystal Maze is an excellent choice.

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The Smartphone city treasure hunt is a simple activity but still a tremendous amount of fun. All you need is a smartphone with the treasure hunt app installed on it. Your team will split into two. The app will send each team around Leeds to complete a series of challenges via GPS.  A great team bonding exercise which allows you to see the fantastic city of Leeds while you’re at it.

If you just want to treat the team for all their hard work and effort, then it’s safe to say that a cocktail making party is the way to do it. It’s just a chilled out evening where you all get to make your very own custom-cocktails. An experienced bartender will show you how to use all the professional equipment and share the tricks of the trade. Make a mean martini, a cracking cosmopolitan or even your very own custom-cocktail from scratch. After you’ve made them you can enjoy drinking them together in the comfort of your own privately reserved booths.

For a happier and stronger team, these activities are the perfect choice. For more info or enquiries visit our website or call us on 0161 341 0052

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