A-Z Date Ideas

A-Z Date Ideas

Let’s be honest, us girls love going on a date right?

But why do we always do the same old every time we go on a date, whether it is with someone new or your partner you have been with for years. We at Funktion Events have had enough of the same and we want to help you for your future dates.

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We understand how it can be hard trying to come up with new and unusual dating ideas, especially with last minute plans but we have recently learnt about alphabet dating. The idea is that you think of one or a few date ideas for each letter of the alphabet and you work your way through them throughout the year. Cool right?

To give you an idea we have come up with our own version of alphabet dating…

A – Aquarium

B – Botanical Garden

C – Castle

D – Dine In

E – Explore Somewhere

F – Sit Round a Fire with Marshmallows

G – Mini Golf

H – High Ropes Course

I – Ice Skating

J – Junk Food Day (Cheat Day)

K – Go Karting

L – Live Music

M – Movies

N – Night Out for Drinks

O – Outdoor Cinema

P – Pizza Night

Q – Quadruple Date (if you can find that many people)

R – Road Trip

S – Spa Night

T – Theme Park

U – Something Unusual

V – Vacation

W – Go on a Walk

X – Xbox Day

Y – Do Some Yoga

Z – Zoo

We hope our alphabet dating list has inspired you a little bit for your next date and maybe for you to create your own alphabet dating list. It is a lot of fun and if you do it with your partner we are sure you will come up with some completely different ideas, which can be funny!

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