A Unique Christmas Experience with London Opal Bar

A Unique Christmas Experience with London Opal BarA bar like no other, you’re sure to have a totally different Christmas experience with London Opal Bar, which offers two completely opposite party rooms to enjoy throughout your festive evening. If you’re looking for an informal and relaxed evening to celebrate the upcoming holidays, a Opal Bar Christmas party in London might be the perfect experience for you. No set meal and no set rules, it’s the perfect way to let your hair down and treat your team after a hard working year.

The Opal bar is the talk of the town when it comes to a totally unique bar experience, as it boasts two separate party rooms that bode completely different atmospheres, décor and a night out in general. One half of this venue perched on the Thames is dedicated to an airy, light feel with the name Blanca, offering cream, luxurious seating and bright lights for an uplifting night out. One the other hand, Noir explores the dark corners of London, with sultry black studded leather and dimmed, mood lighting.

When you arrive, someone will show you to your reserved area which is the place to sit and relax all night between dancing, drinking and toasting to Christmas! When everyone’s comfortable, the festive feast will begin in a buffet style, so everyone can grab and go while chatting to the whole team, creating a great party atmosphere from the start. The buffet includes some classic Christmas dishes such as Christmas dinner on a stick and Yorkshire puddings, as well as some more exotic flavours and vegetarian options.

As well as the main buffet, there will be mini brownies and fruit skewers with dipping sauces, and either half a bottle of wine of 2 bottles of beer for each member of your group to enjoy, and to keep the merry spirits alive. Once everyone has polished off their plates, the rest of the evening is totally in your hands. A Christmas experience with London Opal Bar is perfect for either a couple of unique and delicious drinks while having a chat, or to dance till you drop and make the most of the Christmas celebrations till the early hours of the morning!

If this London Christmas party idea sounds well suited for your end of year Christmas party, don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will pass you anymore information you need, or simply organise the whole event for you.

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