Create the best Team Building Day

If you want some perfect team building ideas, you need to set a clear goal and decide exactly what it is you want your A Perfect Team Building Dayteam to improve upon. For example, do you want to see an improvement in problem solving skills? Commu­nica­tion? Morale? Or something else? You may not be able to check all these off in one day, but with a little patience (and our activities!) you’ll be able to achieve them all.

One of our best is a Crystal Maze team building event, based on the popular 90’s game show of the same name. The crystal maze features a variety of games that test all aspects of your teammates abilities, physical, mental and skill. It’s an amazing activity for developing co-operation and an excellent test of how your team adapts to different challenges on the fly. It also encourages healthy competition, as your group will be split into two teams who must battle it out for the final victory!

A Perfect Team Building Day PaintballingPaintballing is a fantastic team building activity. It teaches your team how to think on their feet in fast-paced situations. It trains them to keep their cool under pressure. It requires teamwork and effective commu­nica­tion with their teammates in order to be victorious. On top of that, it’s just an amazingly fun activity for your team to bond over!

Chain reaction is a fun and especially unique teambuilding activity which requires the team to combine their ingenuity to achieve their goal. The aim of the day is to work together to make a contraption which creates a domino effect, where everything works in perfect order. The group will be split into teams with their own colour coded contraption. Each team has to figure out how their contraption will work with the other teams to create one ultimate chain reaction. A fun teambuilding day that develops patience, commu­nica­tion and co-operation, with a satisfying payoff at the end.

Sometimes you don’t need any extreme sports or wild activities to achieve team bonding. Sometimes you just need to relax and socialise together, break the ice with new colleagues or just reward the team for a job well done. A cocktail making team building is perfect for all these things and more. After a welcome drink on arrival, a bartender will demonstrate how to mix, muddle and shake your very own custom cocktails. After you’ve finished making them, you can enjoy drinking them, all in reserved seating in a top city centre venue.

Any of these activities are sure to provide a perfect teambuilding day that’s both fun and effective.

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