A Paintballing Team Building Event!

A Paintballing Team Building Event!The concept of paintballing fits perfectly with a successful team building experience as it incorporates friendly competition, team working and most importantly a bit of fun so your team can let loose! A Paintballing team building event is a great balance between having some laughs and getting to know each other while trying to achieve a common goal with competitors in mind. If you’re looking for something that the whole office can get excited about, this one might be for you.

You choose your location and start time for this adrenaline pumping activity, and we’ll organise the rest so you don’t have to. All of the courses in locations across the UK offer different experiences with huge forest area to run around, different types of obstacles to dodge and various mini games to enjoy. All of the courses will have a session time of either a half or full day, so it’s completely up to you how long you’d liked to be on the paintballing battlefield with your team mates.

Everything you’ll need throughout the day will be provided for you including overalls, the latest paintballing guns and even 100 paintballs to start you off. Your whole event will be guided by an expert instructor who will go through a safety brief and some instructions at the beginning, as well as pass you some tips and tricks so you can master the paintballing guns and hopefully be the first to victory!

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If you were looking to really bring your new or old team together and build some relationships between colleagues, this idea is a great way to achieve some fun while being a little constructive and good for the business. Paintballing will induce friendly competition and help you get to know your employees as well, and possibly even transfer the leadership or attention to detail skills you see in the activity right into the office environment.

The paintballing team building event can be completely organised for you, just contact us on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will be more than happy to answer any questions, as well as book this whole experience for you.

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