A Merry Christmas Party at Jewel Bar in London!

A Merry Christmas Party at Jewel Piccadilly in London!Gather your team, dress to impress and head down to the beautiful centre of England's captial for an unforgettable Christmas party at Jewel Bar in London. If you were looking for an activity to give a unique edge to your festive celebrations, a buffet and some drinks at this stunning bar is the perfect option for you. More informal than a meal, a buffet is totally relaxed and allows your team to chat with everyone, drink and enjoy some delicious foods all in one venue!

Upon arriving at the decedent and chic Jewel bar, someone will show you to your reserved area so your evening of festivities can begin as soon as possible. Your reserved area will include seating, and will be yours to enjoy throughout the night as a place to chill and chat in between dancing and toasting to the upcoming holidays. Once everyone is comfy, the feast will begin accompanied by either half a bottle of wine or 2 bottles of beer each to get the party started.

The buffet is a great way to get everyone involved, picking at food and trying the wide spread the bar has to offer. The dishes host a variety of different flavours, including some traditional Christmas takes like Christmas dinner on a stick and mini Yorkshire puddings, as well as some more exotic options such as red Thai chicken and lamb kebabs. The variety means there will be something for everyone, including some vegetarian dishes and even some mini brownies, fruit skewers and dipping sauce to finish!

When everyone has polished off the buffet and finished their initial drinks, there will be the rest of the night to explore Jewel bar’s five themed rooms so you can really make your Christmas party, as well as the opportunity to add some extra drinks or pre-paid vouchers onto the night to make it extra special. Whether you want a couple of toasts and an exciting Christmas send off or fancy dancing until the early hours of the morning, This Christmas party at Jewel Bar in London is the perfect way to celebrate the festive season.

Book your Jewel Piccadilly Christmas party in london  this year! Simply, give us a call on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will be happy to give you some more information or simply organise the whole thing for you!

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