A Gorgeous Gem Christmas in London

A Gorgeous Gem Christmas in LondonAny London Christmas party idea is an experience in itself during the festive period, but if you want to go that extra mile for your festive celebrations, why not enjoy a delicious Christmas buffet and drinks at the one and only Gem bar. This leather studded, modern style bar is the perfect place to indulge after the hard working year with your team, and will definitely create some great memories for the New Year.

The Gem bar venue is positioned right in the heart of London, making it easy to travel to and from and putting a whole host of different restaurants, bars and nightclubs right on your doorstep. Once you arrive, someone will show you to your reserved area and seating which will be yours for the duration of the night, perfect as a place to relax between dancing, chatting and celebrating the upcoming Christmas holidays!

Once everyone is settled in and comfortable, the Christmassy feat will commence, with a themed buffet that everyone can dive into and enjoy whenever they like. The spread will include a variety of different flavours, from the traditional Yorkshire puddings and Christmas dinner on a stick to some fish and Thai options, meaning there will definitely be something for everyone. A buffet is great for getting everyone on their feet and talking to the whole group, strengthening colleague relationships and giving the whole evening a laid back atmosphere.

Alongside the main food, you can enjoy some mini brownies and sauce, as well as either half a bottle of wine or 2 bottles of beer each to really get the party started. The night isn’t over after you’ve finished your food and drink, the London Gem Bar has extensive rooms to explore over two huge floors, including a fun dance floor where you can bust a move till the early hours of the morning! Whether you want a couple of toasts to the end of the year with your team, or you really want to go all out on the festivities a Gem Bar Christmas party in London is ideal for everyone.

Gve us a call on 0161 341 0052 and our events planners will be happy to help sort the whole thing out.

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