A Different Approach to Team Building

A Different Approach to Team Building

When you mention a team building event to your team, it can often be met with an enthusiastic shrug and unexcited faces – and we can definitely see why.

Traditi­onally, team building means dragging yourself to a dull weekend away that’s filled with long words, people you don’t like and activities that help no one. However, team building experiences have been revitalised in recent years to provide fun and structure for any kind of team. Whether you need to break the ice with a new team or team members or perhaps you just want to treat a team for their hard work, team building activities are the perfect way to do so.

A big part of team building is what activity you choose to centre your day around. It’s highly suggested that you pick an experience that no one in your team has done before, as this instantly injects some excitement of the unknown. When it comes to excitement of the unknown, a popular activity to try with your team is the Escape Rooms team building challenge. Work together in mini teams and try your best to solve the clues and escape a variety of themed rooms. It’s the perfect way to use your team work whilst still having a brilliant time.

We also offer virtual team building ideas and virtual Christmas party ideas that will be great for your team.

If you’re not a big fan of dark places or a timer ticking away, try your hand at the Smartphone City Treasure Hunt team building event. This experience lets you and your teams loose on the streets of any city you choose in the UK. Download the GPS app, conjure up a team name and photo and away you go! Solve clues, puzzles and watch live scoreboards to spark some friendly competition between everyone.

Or if you know your group are foodies the Pizza Making team building team building event, they are a hugely popular choice for all teams all over the UK. Obviously we mean who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to create some tasty pizzas? And it is a great out-of-work environment for your teams as well as the perfect way to test your employees with a different type of competition. Who can make the best pizza?

If you’re in need of more inspiration, get your team building event sorted for you with us. All you need to do is browse through the team building activities on offer and give us a call on 0161 341 0052 to get the ball rolling.

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