The Diary of the Groom to Be

A Diary of a Groom to Be

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you’ve finally scraped up the courage to get down on one knee and propose to the love of your life – so some congra­tula­tions are definitely in order! It also means that you’re starting the long, exciting and sometimes arduous process of planning the biggest day of your life. If you’re feeling a bit jittery about the whole thing, we’re here to tell you that you’re not the only one. To help put your mind at ease and maybe even give you a giggle, here’s the diary of a groom to be.

Pre-Proposal Nerves

You’ve planned every last detail you could think of, you’ve got the ring tucked in your pocket and now you’re waiting for the right moment to burst the question out. Those pre-proposal nerves can make time move so slowly, but every guy has been there. The best part about all those nerves is how worth it they are when your SO shouts yes and slides on the ring you took weeks to pick out for her.

Telling the Guys

Depending on the kind of friends you have, this could go two ways. If you’re a chill group of guys with level heads and sensible attitudes, prepare yourself to hear a lot of “aw mate, congra­tula­tions I’m so happy for you”. On the other hand, getting hitched might mean a whole world of ridicule from your mates telling you your life is now over. Either way, spreading the news to the lads is for sure one of the most exciting parts of the wedding preparations!

Playing Project Manager

As the saying goes, a woman is always right – and this rings truer than ever when it comes to the diary of a groom to be. Halfway through the organising, you’ll realise that the best and most useful way you can get involved is by project managing all the big stuff. This is all about keeping your eye on the budget while still pleasing the soon to be Mrs. and her slightly extravagant ideas.

A Diary of a Groom to Be

The Tests

No matter how loved up you and your partner are, organising a whole wedding always puts some strain on your relationship and provides test for your love (and patience)! From little annoying things like disagreeing on the centrepieces to going over budget on little treats to relieve the stress – we’ve heard it all. As long as you keep in the back of your mind why you’re both actually getting married in the first place, everything else will become a breeze.

Your Last Night of Freedom

This is the exciting part amongst all that venue hunting and colour palette choosing. The night you and the lads can go big or go home with a bunch of ridiculous stag do activities in a city of your choice. Whether you fancy a packed day full of adrenaline, or you’d prefer to have a classic night out that leaves you with a sore head and a kebab craving in the morning – your options are endless for the last night of freedom. Even if you need a break from planning, get a party planner like Funktion Events to take the wheel for you.


As the day grows ever closer and most of the big plans are in place, the most important part of the diary of a groom to be comes upon you. In this time, you and your partner have some time to reflect on the hectic nature of your life in the last few months (or years if you’re unlucky). Take this time to really appreciate what you have, and think about how good your wedding day will be even without all the fuss.

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