A Christmassy Celebration with Mabel’s Bar, London

A Christmassy Celebration with Mabel’s Bar, LondonIf it’s your turn to organise the Christmas do and you’re feeling stuck on ideas, why not keep it simple, classy and ultimately fun with a Christmassy celebration with Mabel’s Bar, London. Known as the lady of the garden, Mabel’s bar is the holy grail of bars in London to visit if you want a unique experience with delicious food and drink. It's a great all-rounder, and perfect for a team Christmas celebration to remember for everyone!

Christmas is all about bringing people together and toasting to the good times, making a buffet and drinks style party the ideal, relaxed atmosphere for your festive celebrations. When you arrive at this comfy and classic venue in London, someone will be there to greet your team and show you to your reserved area that will be yours for the entire night, great for a space to relax in between toasting to the holiday season.

Once everyone is comfy and ready for some food, the buffet can begin with a wide spread of small plates and delicious dishes. This buffet will definitely not disappoint, with a huge variety of different flavours to satisfy everyone’s taste buds, including vegetarian choices. The dishes vary from traditional options like Christmas dinner on a stick and mini Yorkshire puddings, to more exotic flavours like smoked salmon and red Thai chicken skewers. There will also be mini brownies, fruit skewers and dipping sauce to finish the feast on a high!

To add to your group’s merry spirit, there will also be complimentary drinks of either half a bottle of wine or 2 bottles of beer each to enjoy throughout the evening. All the food and drink arrangements will be sorted before the day, meaning less stress for you and more time to relax and enjoy the Christmas celebration for your whole team. Once the Christmassy celebration with Mabel’s Bar is finished, dive into the rest of the venue and enjoy all it has to offer until the early hours of the morning, including some popular music and deliciously classy cocktails.

You can have this whole Mabel's Bar Christmas party in London organised for you, simply give us a call on 0161 341 0052 

for any more information or for our events planners to do all the hard work!
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