9 Movie Themed Ideas

9 Movie Themed Hen Do Ideas

The most popular season to have a hen party is the summer – and it’s almost here! If you’ve got everything else sorted but your outfit, check out these 9 movie themed hen do ideas to spice up your last night of freedom.

Moulin Rouge

Risky, sexy and really fun, the Moulin Rouge is a great theme if you want to step out of your comfort zone. Get the girls together with some short, ruffled outfits, feather bowers and lots of red. Make sure to accessorise loads and tease your hair up big (think Christina Aguilera in the Moulin Rouge song). For decoration, make sure to use lots of silk and classy champagne flutes – don’t be scared to DIY!


Everyone’s favourite 90s chick flick, a Clueless theme is a fun, girly theme to do on a budget. With so many of the 90s inspired clothes circling back into fashion, all you’ll need to do is have a glance in your wardrobe and get a bit creative with the accessories – we suggest a Dionne hat to go the extra mile! For décor, you can keep it simple with girly nibbles and old school film references (plus maybe a few pics of Paul Rudd, why not?)

Sex & the City 

Transport yourself to the stunning city of New York with a classic Sex & the City themed hen party. Out of all 12 movie themed hen do ideas, this is definitely one of the most popular. Basically, this theme includes picking a character, getting glam and living the rich and famous lifestyle for a night. We suggest a few Cosmo’s and some super sparkly heels to go along with the theme fully!
Bride Wars
Extremely on topic, a Bride Wars inspired hen party is definitely a fun one to try. If you’re staying at home, think like
Rachel, Monica and Phoebe from friends and gear up in mock wedding dresses to chill out. If you’re heading out, dress in white, throw on a tiara and try not to argue quite as much as Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson.
9 Movie Themed Hen Do Ideas
Dirty Dancing
Nobody puts baby in the corner, especially on her hen party! Go for the simple and chic look like Jennifer Grey that can be perfect for a cosy night in with the girls or a classic hen night out. You’ve got loads of freedom to personalise the decoration for this one, meaning it’s a cheap and cheerful theme which is always a bonus.
Pretty Woman 
The character that took the world by storm in the 90s, Julia Roberts is a style icon and is super easy to replicate for your hen party theme. With knee high boots coming back into fashion, this sassy theme is one of the easiest go-to’s out of the 12 movie themed hen do ideas on this list.

Anything Disney, everything Disney – just Disney. As well as being a really fun idea, it’s also an easy theme to pull off and gives your girls a lot of freedom to choose which character they want. If you go for a princess, your sister goes for an animal sidekick and your best mate chooses an evil witch then you’ve got the makings for some hilarious pictures! Disney themed decorations are easy to come by, but making them yourself is easy and a really nice touch for your guests or bride to be.

Bridget Jones

Seen as it’s your last night of freedom, it’s also your last night of relating to the one and only queen Bridget Jones. This is a totally chilled out theme for you and your group, and is especially good if you want a night in with a big Chinese and an even bigger glass of wine. Throw on some comfy clothes, stick on a film and appreciate the friendships you have before you get hitched.


The film starring Christina Aguilera and the one and only Cher is a true masterpiece, and provides loads of inspiration for a burlesque themed hen party. Whether you want to go all out with pearled bralets, sexy stockings and quirky wigs or you prefer the subtle and sassy look, a burlesque theme is a fun way to spice up the hen do.

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