8 Most Popular Team Building Cities

8 Most Popular Team Building Cities

Picking which city to hold your team building event can sometimes be quite challenging.

Do you go further afield? Keep it close to home? Or just keep it in your office?

We have put together the 8 most popular team building cities to help give you some inspiration on where to head if you want to make sure your team building day is somewhere new and exciting!


Unlike many of the larger cities, Chester isn’t very well-known for its team building facilities but trust us when we say that Chester is up there for being one of the best.

And we should know seen as it is our hometown, for years the Funktion Events HQ has been stationed right in the centre of Chester.

We have seen an amazing variety of team building events breeze through the city throughout the years!


This team building giant is sure to provide your team with an out of this world experience no matter what outcome you are wanting to achieve.

Manchester is known for pushing the boundaries through almost everything that they do which can also be said when it comes to some of the team building activities that Manchester has on offer.


Known for being the European Capital of Culture back in 2008. 

Liverpool is a triumphant place to spend some quality time with your team and improve on skills that you will be using within your place of work.

Not to mention that the team building activities in Liverpool are like no other, perfect for a successful day out.


Standing big and burly when it comes to team building locations, Birmingham can promise you three things; a huge variety of choice, lots of venues, conveniently located within the UK.

Whether you are searching for an energetic day outside or a relaxed indoor activity that will get your whole team thinking then Birmingham is the place to go.

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It is a no brainer that the UK’s capital is known for its team building. 

Whenever you think of planning an event you want it to be effective and stylish and since London is known for its businesses you can’t really go wrong.

After all it is known as being the original place for team building and it is usually where new activities start.


Known as the jewel in the North, Leeds has the 3rd largest population in the whole of the UK.

Although it is mainly known for being popular with hen and stag parties, its team building activities are also pretty popular.

Throughout the city you will find there are specious function rooms, plenty of outdoor space and some luxury accom­moda­tion.


If you want to take your team on a proper team away day, then Glasgow is the place to go.

It seems to be a firm favourite for if you are heading up to the highlands.

It is the perfect way to have a total change of amazing scenery for your team building event.

And there is almost every different team building activity that you can think of there.


Bristol can provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment which will be perfect for giving your team a breath of fresh air and a new experience.

And this city has a bit of everything so you won’t be stuck with things to do if you are planning on staying over longer than your event!

And if you want to have a browse through what other types of locations we have on offer then check them out here.

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