8 Fantastic Team Building Cities

Top Team Building Cities

When choosing a location for your team building days event, sometimes it helps to have a guide outlining the top team building cities.

We have put together the 8 most popular team building locations to help give you some inspiration on where to head if you want to the most options, high quality experiences and exciting add-ons for team bonding!

Team Building Ideas in Chester

1. Chester

Unlike many of the larger cities, Chester isn’t very well-known for its team building facilities but trust us when we say that Chester is up there for being one of the best.

You can take our word for it since Funktion Events head office is right in the city centre, and the team have enjoyed many Chester team building away days.

Better still, because the city is so quaint you can easily build up a jam-packed day of activities without all the travel costs, as everything is within walking distance of the city’s iconic clock in the middle.

We can also provide you with some amazing virtual team activities.

Top 4 Team Events in Chester

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

Explore your way around Chester as you unlock clues, puzzles and challenges in teams. You will also be against other teams in your group!

Bridge Build

Test your team’s commu­nica­tion & problem solving skills as you work together to design, create & build a part of a bride that will be made by everyone!

Crystal Maze

Compete in teams against each other in a number of challenges & games to earn rewards for your team, complete challenges & games to get to the final!

Challenge 100

See how well your team can work together under pressure as you try your best to complete different tasks against the clock!

Team Building Ideas in Manchester

2. Manchester

This team building giant is sure to provide your team with an out of this world experience no matter what outcome you are wanting to achieve.

Team days in Manchester is known for pushing the boundaries and constantly offering new, improved and exciting team building activities all across the city. With so many thriving businesses operating in Manchester itself, it’s easy to see why team building ideas in Manchester are so innovative.

See the latest options for team building in Manchester.

Team Building Ideas in Birmingham

3. Birmingham

Standing big and burly when it comes to locations, team building in Birmingham can promise you three things; a huge variety of choice, lots of venues, conveniently located within the UK.

Whether you are searching for an energetic day outside or a relaxed indoor activity that will get your whole team thinking then Birmingham is the place to go. The city is especially great if you want a full day, with lots of restaurants to start of finish your team workshop in.

5 Indoor Team Activities in Birmingham

Stop the Clocks

Complete a range of challenges that test different skills as fast as possible in teams before the timer runs out and win points along the way!

Challenge 100

Test your team mentally in a variety of different tasks and challenges in order to win point – the team with the most points at the end wins!

Pizza Making

A delicious team building event that will get everybody in the mood for food. Toss and create your very own pizza whilst playing a variety of different games.

Chain Reaction

Use your creativeness and problem solving skills in teams to create the ultimate chain reaction and test if it all works in the final test!

Pub Olympics

In smaller teams you will compete in a range of mini games from air hockey to table tennis with another team going head to head in each.

Team Building Ideas in London

4. London

It is a no brainer that the UK’s capital is known for its team building. Whenever you think of planning an event you want it to be effective and stylish and since London is known for its businesses you can’t really go wrong.

After all it is known as being the original place for team building and it is usually where new activities start. The activities on offer for team building in London really sell themselves, so have a gander and see what you think.

See team building activities in London

Team Building Ideas in Leeds

5. Leeds

Known as the jewel in the North, Leeds has the 3rd largest population in the whole of the UK. With this population comes a huge about of ideas for team building in Leeds, including classic options and activities that will really make you think outside of the box.

Throughout the city you will find there are spacious function rooms, plenty of outdoor space and Leeds team building activities on offer.

Team Building Ideas in Glasgow

6. Glasgow

If you want to take your team on a proper team away day, then Glasgow is the place to go. It seems to be a firm favourite for if you are heading up to the highlands.

See 50+ Team Building Activities in Glasgow

The city in Scotland is the perfect way to have a total change of scenery for your team building event. And there is almost every alternative team building activity to test out to help with your team building in Glasgow.

Team Building Ideas in Bristol

7. Bristol

Recently a popular option for teams, Bristol has seen a lot of attention for being an alternative team building location which still has a lot to offer in the way of activities and experiences.

If you choose team building in Bristol, you can look forward to a similar offering as London but with a lot less hustle and bustle around the city, and a nice change from travelling all the way into the big smoke.

Team Building Options in Bristol

Indoor Events

Our indoor events in Bristol are great for forward planning as you don’t have to rely on weather & can easily use your own venue for a selection of events.

Outdoor Events

Bristol is equally perfect for indoor events as it is outdoor, with a huge variety of different events to choose from its easy to find something to suit your team. 

Active Games

Fancy getting your team up and moving? Our active team building events are perfect for any kind of team with activities ranging from dance classes to binocular football!

Treasure Hunts

The perfect way to discover a new city is with our treasure hunts, whether you’re after going around a few pubs or challenging yourself of some Bristol knowledge.

Food & Drink Activities

Great for adding after work or even during the day are all of our food & drink activities, nothing brings teams together quite like food and cocktails.

Team Building Ideas in Liverpool

8. Liverpool

The best thing about team building in Liverpool is the pure buzz that the city emanates constantly, creating a lively and friendly atmosphere perfect to help your team engage in activities.

As well as the energy around the city, Liverpool can go up against the big boys when it comes to team bonding experiences that will effortlessly create a successful team day out.

UK Locations

To give your team the most amount of options possible, we cover 40+ locations team building across the UK to make sure we cover all the basis.

When it comes to team building places to go, we suggest looking around cities within your region. From team building in Northern Ireland all the way to the South East of England, check your closest city and browse the variety of team activities on offer.

UK Team Building Activities

With a high volume of UK team events scattered around our little wet island, it seems only right we split them into categories for easy perusing.

From indoor team building activities to unique treasure hunts, outdoor team events to active team building activities, the collection of experiences straying from just in-office games is almost impressive!

Make sure your team building is something perfect for your team and have a browse through all of the corporate team building activities all over the UK.

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