How to Keep the Bride Happy

Ways to Keep the Bride Happy

With all the pre-wedding stress that the bride-to-be will be taking on, it’s important to make sure that she stays level-headed and has a fantastic time on her hen party!

As the planning gets underway, the hen party is getting organised and there’s a lot of excitement flying about, your bride is going to be stressed, that’s a guarantee! Whether she’s your best mate, your sister or even your brother’s fiancé, if you’re the maid of honour it is your duty to keep the bride as happy as possible! To give you a bit of a helping hand, here are 6 ways to keep the bride happy when she might feel like having a mini-meltdown (we’ve all been there!)

How Can You Make sure That You Keep the Bride Happy?

There are a number of different things you can do as the maid of honour or the lead organiser of the celebrations to make sure that the bride is happy. She’s going to be pre-occupied with even the smallest details of the wedding, so any hiccups on the party could cause considerable stress for her. To make sure you avoid that scenario from occurring, take a look at some of these helpful tips and tricks:

1. Be Organised

It may seem like a bit of a no-brainer but staying organised and making sure every little detail in your itinerary is nailed down to a tee. Whether it’s arranging accommodation and travel for everybody or making sure your hen party activities don’t clash, the bride-to-be has given you this responsibility… so make sure you do a great job! If it’s your first time organising an event and you find yourself overwhelmed with the pressure, talk to some of the other girls and ask for a helping hand if you’re stuck. Just make sure that person you ask isn’t the bride!

2. Little Surprises

This can mean two different things, so we’re going to cover both of them because they’re worth keeping in mind! Of course, you’re going to want to prevent those unwanted surprises from cropping up whilst organising or whilst you’re on the actual party. This can be anything from getting confused with booking times, not accounting for members of your group by accident or anything in-between.

On a lighter note, you can actually use little surprises yourself to keep the bride happy and to let her know that everything is under control! You might consider putting together and packing a hen party survival kit for her to deal with that gruelling hangover the next morning! You don’t need to go overboard, however… even simply arranging a blindfolded lead-up to an activity or surprise will definitely keep her mood up!

How to Keep the Bride Happy (PIN)

3. Keep it Personalised

Because you’re organising the party specifically for the bride-to-be, you will have already arranged and booked hen party activities that she likes to make sure she has a fantastic time. However, you can still take it a step further and really make her feel special by personalising decorations, accessories and more. For example, a classic one would be to sort out some custom printed hen party T-shirts for you and the rest of the girls. Another awesome idea would be to get cardboard cut-outs of the groom’s face that you could all wear on the night out for a laugh! Both of these ideas are relatively cheap and don’t require much more additional effort or forward planning, so they’re definitely worth considering if you’re stuck for ideas!

4. Check the Guest List

Although you’re the one that’s been tasked with the responsibility of organising the celebrations, you will need to consult the bride-to-be on who exactly she wants to attend the party. Do this before anything else as no matter what you have planned in terms of activities, the bride isn’t going to be happy if you’ve invited her least-favourite cousin to come along with you! Making sure that all her best gals are there for the last night of freedom will definitely put her in a great mood, and she’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve asked her who to invite!

5. Keep an Eye on Alcohol Supplies

Although you may have some non-drinkers in your group (if the bride-to-be is one of them, skip this part!), making sure that the bride doesn’t end up paying for her own alcohol on the night out is crucial. Whether she prefers beer, wine, cocktails or champagne… you need to make sure that she doesn’t run out! This is her time to relax and enjoy herself and not worry about buying the next round. One way to make sure that she’s happy on the night out is by collecting a pot of money, or a ‘kitty’, that you can use to pay for her drinks for the night. Ask each member of the group to contribute some money to the fund, that way you can make sure that everybody is helping out. Another way is by taking a look at our hen party nightlife activities and arranging some boozy fun for all the girls to enjoy!

6. Make Sure it's Well Executed!

Even if you’ve nailed the weekend of celebrations down to every fine detail, anybody out there who has organised one before will tell you that there’s always one thing that won’t go according to plan! Don’t panic though, this is totally normal. There will be some parts of the hen party that could go wrong that are totally out of your control, such as guests turning up late to activities. To make sure that everybody’s on the same page, you can use our fantastic VIP Events Area for you and the girls. This is where you can keep track of start/finish times, late or missed payments, communicate with the group and more.

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