Winter Wedding Planning Tips

6 Tips for Winter Wedding Planning

Winter is a wonderful time of year and a perfect time to settle down and cosy up by a warm fire with the special someone in your life. So with that in mind, here’s our top 6 tips for winter wedding planning to make your wedding day truly magical…

Choosing the Dress

The only thing that should look more beautiful than the winter scenery is the bride herself, so choosing the right dress is an essential part of winter wedding planning. It’s easy of course, to find a wedding dress that’s white, but there’s plenty of wedding dresses that perfectly match the winter theme! Beautiful dresses with fur shawls, coats and hats that’ll make her look like a real snow queen, not to mention keep her warm during the ceremony!

Planning Ahead

Winter weddings are quickly becoming more and more popular, so it’s a good idea to make hay while the sun shines so you can get married while the snow falls! Like any wedding, there’s going to be a lot of stuff to organise. So make sure you plan early, around the summer time, so you chill out with no unnecessary stress casting a shadow around the happiest day of her life!

Choosing a location

6 Tips for a Winter Wedding

So where’s the perfect spot to tie the knot? A city brought to life with dazzling Christmas lights? Or a beautiful British countryside covered in a thick blanket of snow? There’s no right or wrong answer here, just keep in mind the kind of vibe you’re going for. For example, if you’re trying to emulate a Disney film, you’d be better off holding your venue in a snow-covered pine forest!

Choosing the Cake

The cake can be just as magnificent a decoration as any other at the venue! If you choose right, you should feel guilty about eating such a beautiful cake. Right up until you taste it that is! You could even go the extra mile and add some snowflake cupcakes to really show off your winter wedding planning skills!

Deciding on Drinks

Choose some festive beverages to enjoy in your winter wonderland. We suggest some warm mulled wine or some Christmassy cocktails to help you have a bloody mary Christmas!

Decorating the Venue

A sign of expert winter wedding planning is a venue that matches the theme perfectly. There’s so many wonderful winter decorations to make the wedding venue look like something out of a fairy tale. If you need inspiration for what to do to make your wedding a real winter wonderland, our winter wedding pinterest board is full of amazing winter wedding ideas to inspire and guide you.

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