Whats Next for the Newly Engaged

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged

If like many, over the festive period your other half popped the question, then congra­tula­tions are in order.

But you're probably at the point now where you’re wondering, what happens next? And that’s what we’re here to tell you with these 6 tips for the newly engaged.

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Step 1

Call the Family

After getting engaged, first things first, you have to inform your nearest and dearest.

That’s right it’s time to give your parents a ring, chances are they’ve been waiting for this call anyway – either way they should be the first on your list of who to tell the good news too.

And then of course your siblings, grandpa­rents, aunties, uncles and all your best friends.

Make sure you’ve told everyone you wanted to personally tell because the last place any of them should have to hear about your big news is on social media.

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Step 2

The Wedding Date

And unless you have an exact date in mind, it’s probably time to start whittling it down to a select few dates you can take to your favourite wedding venue.

The best method to decide when in the year you want your wedding to be in would be by deciding on a season or month.

But remember to research the most popular months or seasons for weddings and plan well in advance so that nobody is disap­po­inted.

And of course a save the date will have to be sent out to the people you definitely want to invite!

Most Popular Months to Get Married

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Step 3

Plan Your Hen Party

In the midst of all this excitement you will quickly realise that the hen party is the next big celebration you need to plan after getting engaged!

A hen do planner might be the perfect way to do this! To ensure that everything is more enjoyable than stressful.

See our hen party activities.

But if a hen do planner isn’t your cup of tea it could be fun planning your own hen party too!

Start Planning Your Hen Party

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Step 4

Find Wedding Inspiration

One thing we do know is that every girl has at least some sort of idea on what they want their wedding day to be like, from the table decoration to the cake.

But even so, gathering inspiration is a must to stop you entering wedding madness.

A good way to do this is by heading over to Pinterest where you can save a variety of different boards for ideas on your dress, the décor of your venue, the flowers, the cake etc.

It’s a great way to create a vision of how you want your day to look before you do any serious planning.

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Get the Stag Involved

Are you ready to start planning your hen party and think your other half should start planning his stag events?

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Check out our stag do activities.


Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Step 5

Take a Proposal Photo

If you’re both ready to share on your social media that you’re engaged, then a proposal photo is probably overdue.

That’s right get your beloved and get ready to pose for the camera in the perfect engagement photo.

Or even better if you managed to snap a photo when he popped the question then there is no need for the selfie!

There is nothing better than capturing the surprised look.

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Step 7

Draft the Wedding Guest List & Set a Budget

Before looking at venues you need to have some idea of how big or small your wedding would be.

So it is important to sit down as a team and decide who you’d each like to attend the wedding.

It would probably be a good idea to get the parents involved too, especially if they’re paying for the wedding we’re sure they’d like their input.

And along with this it’s a good idea to set a budget – to move forward with any wedding plans you have to talk budget, there’s no point having a vision if it is over budget.

Top Tips for the Newly Engaged - Finally Relax...

Now is probably one of the only times you’ll have where wedding talk hasn’t completely consumed you both yet.

So take advantage of this by having some alone time away from any planning.

Or maybe plan an engagement party or a night of celebrating being newly engaged with your nearest and dearest.

Either way this is the time you should be celebrating the excitement that lies ahead along with the time with your future husband before the wedding planning stresses get under way.

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