5 Tips for Building a Conference Agenda

5 Tips for Building a Conference Agenda

A conference is usually a formal meeting with several people to discuss a particular topic.

And whilst many people know and understand the concept of a conference the real question is, how to put one together? With a variety of things to put together and organising who to invite and where to you can sometimes get overwhelmed with the questions going through your head. An agenda for your conference is the backbone of the event and without it the attendees and organisers wont fully understand the purpose of the conference. But thankfully we are here to help and we have put together some tips for building a conference agenda.

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1. Create Your Agenda Early

It is very important that you don’t leave building and putting together your agenda till last minute. If you give yourself plenty of time you will find it a lot easier to create a professional looking document. And you will have the opportunity to correct any errors you may come across.

2. Understand and Learn the Goals and Objectives

It is important when you start to put together a conference agenda that you fully understand and know the goals and objectives for the meeting. This way you can also make sure that everybody involved will understand what the main focus is for the conference.

3. Put the Agenda Topics in Priority Order

It is important to prioritise each topic, by doing this you will know the importance of each section just in case you are short on time. If you feel like the conference is going to run over, then you can perhaps choose a certain section to make sure you cover.

4. Make Sure You List Who is Presenting Each Topic

Make sure that you make it clear who is responsible for presenting each topic. This way they will fully understand for on the day without there being any confusion. It will also keep the meeting running smoothly.

5. Allow Enough Time for Each Agenda Topic

Sometimes this can be quite tricky, it is vital when planning to know what sort of time each topic should be spoken about for, with of course some flexibility. Sometimes a meeting would be a good idea to ensure everybody is set on what topics are important and how long to spend on each.

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