5 Things That Always Happen

5 Things That Happen at Every Stag Do

No matter what stag do activities you have planned or night out antics you have up your sleeve, some stag do traditions seem to always stick around. If you have a stag party just around the corner, look out for these 5 things that happen at every stag do, and see if you’re the main culprit of these dodgy habits!

Someone Always Pulls

When you go out with a big group of lads and a ton of fancy dress, you’re bound to turn a few heads and let everyone know you’re on a last night of freedom immediately. This ultimately means ladies will have their eye on you and your (hopefully) more single mates will have the chance to pull. As long as you keep the stag at bay, having a cheeky flirt is all good and healthy, and definitely a big part of a classic stag do.

Stag Do Pranks

Second on our list of 5 things that happen at every stag do but very important is stag do pranks. If you don’t pull at least one prank on your stag then we consider it a wasted night for everyone! Pranks and stag do games can be anything from a few funny drinking games to tying your soon to be married mate to a lamppost with just his boxers on (you’d be surprised how common the latter is).

Man Down

A big stag do motto that everyone seems to go by is the ‘go hard or go home’ mantra. Seen as it’s a special occasion, the boys tend to go a bit head over heels with the booze and dancing. With so many shots flying around, the light weight of your group is bound to get lost or be caught taking a nap against the wall. Although it may not be funny for him, at the time, having a man down makes for a wicked stag do story.

A LOT of food

Unlike hen parties, stag do’s don’t usually begin with a few cocktails and a classy meal before the big night out. When you arrive, most of the guys get straight on it and don’t want to waste time with posh food and a sit-down meal, leaving them really hungry by the time 2am comes around. This is the part of the night where you spend too much money on2 doner kebabs, 9 chicken wings and a pizza that’s bigger than your head – thinking you can finish the lot!

Killer Hangovers

Although a hefty hangover is the sign of a good night, it’s still an annoying thing to deal with in the morning. There’s a bunch of hangover cures you can try out, but we definitely suggest going out for some food so you can talk about the memories from the night before and make the stag night into a full weekend for your buddy. If you’re feeling brave, opt for the hair of the dog and have a beer or two with your brunch.

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