Things That Happen at Hen Parties

5 Things That Happen at Every Hen Party

No matter when, no matter where and no matter who, there are some things that always happen when a group of girls come together with a lot of booze. To help you figure out what these are (and just for a laugh) here are the 5 things that happen at every hen party. If you haven't found any hen party activities that meet your fancy, take a look at what's on offer before you dive into this article!

1. Free Drinks

This one works a lot better if you’re kitted out in the classic hen party accessories that make you noticeable as a hen party – plus if you’re a big, loud group of mates. When on a hen party, you’re bound to have people buying either you or the bride to be free drinks to congratulate you on the upcoming marriage. In our opinion, this is definitely the best perk of being a giggling group of gals on a night out!

2. Someone Gets Lost

Whether it’s you or a friend, someone always gets lost through all the excitement. Although it might not be funny at the time and some little bickers might go down, when you look back on it with sore heads everyone will be laughing and enjoying the memory. If you have a friend that’s prone to losing herself, get some funny temporary tattoos that state the name of your hen party so people can help her find the way back to you.

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3. Get Emotional

Usually towards the end of the night people start getting a little emotional, especially when one of the biggest days of the bride’s life is around the corner. You’re guaranteed to hear a lot of “I love you so much” and “you’re literally the bestest friend anyone could ask for” as you’re jumping in a taxi home. For better or for worse, this part of the night is funny and sentimental to look back on after the wedding.

4. Bridesmaids Get Lucky

This is probably the most risky of the 5 things that happen at every hen party. When guys see a huge group of lovely looking girls on a night out dancing to Beyoncé’s single ladies, one of the bridesmaids is bound to be approached (hopefully one of the single ones). Nine times out of ten you’ll lose one of the bridesmaids and find her flirting in the corner with someone named Pete – part of the fun, right?

Things That Happen at Every Hen Party5. Girls Bathroom Selfie

Although it’s better at the start of the night when you all look ready to go, usually the traditional bathroom selfie comes at the end of the night which is why it's the last of our 5 things that happen at every hen party. All the girls band together for one last trip to the loo, catch a glance of themselves in the mirror and take the perfect opportunity for a messy hen party selfie!

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