Problem Solving Team Building

If you’re looking to motivate your colleagues/­employees and put your team’s skills to the test, here are 5 team problem solving activities for your company to get stuck into!

When it comes to team building, the best way to get the most out of the experience is by adding an element of problem solving into the equation. Not only are they enjoyable, but they encourage your team to think differently and open themselves up to new challenges and ideas in order to complete the task.

Team Building Problem Solving Activities - Escape Rooms

1. Escape Rooms

By far one of the most popular activities at the moment for all kinds of groups, getting your team involved in an escape rooms team building activity is definitely worth considering.

Your group will be split into separate teams of around 4-6 people, and you will have a variety of rooms to choose from.

You will have one hour to work your way through various puzzles and challenges, where commu­nica­tion and problem solving skills are essential to ensure your escape! We also have a virtual escape rooms where your team can enjoy the activity from home!

Team Building Problem Solving Activities - Chain Reaction

2. Chain Reaction

Taking part in a chain reaction team building activity way to get your team motivated and give them a well-earned break with something both fun and challenging.

This creative problem solving activity is simple; Your group will be split up into teams and assigned their own section to build as part of the overall structure, but each team will need to communicate and collaborate in order to succeed.


Team Building Problem Solving Activities - Masterpiece Challenge

3. Masterpiece Challenge

If you want to find a creative problem solving workshop that requires both skill and commu­nica­tion, then you and your team will love the masterpiece challenge team building activity.

Your team will be split into groups, with each group being given a section of a bigger picture to complete. However, nobody will get to look at the bigger picture, so commu­nica­tion and creative skills will be required in order to complete this task. Fun for participants of all abilities.

Great In-Office Ice Breakers You Can Try Today

If you’re on a budget and need to break the ice in your office, here’s a couple of ideas you could try at work without breaking the bank:

Jenga - It may sound silly, but this classic childhood game is actually a brilliant icebreaker, whether it’s in your next meeting or free time during the day.

The game is simple; remove blocks from the tower whilst preventing the tower from collapsing. It requires co-operation and teamwork but is still a great laugh and a good way to get people talking to each other!

"Speed Dating" - The concept of this activity is simple; have your team sit next to people they haven’t spoken to before and ask them to start a conversation with the person to their right.

Once a few minutes have passed, ask them to get up and switch partners. Keep going until each member of the team has spoken to everybody in the room at least once


Team Building Problem Solving Activities - Krypton Factor

4. Krypton Factor

Whether you’re looking to test intel­lig­ence, observation skills, mental agility or general knowledge, the Krypton Factor team building activity covers them all and more.

With up to 16 activities from various categories for your team to take part in, teams will compete to win first prize by putting all of their skills to the test. This is a perfect icebreaker for a new team and a great motivator for bringing colleagues closer together.


Team Building Problem Solving Activities - Wacky Wheels

5. Wacky Wheels

Are you planning on a team building activity that is completely unique? Then the Wacky Wheels team building activity would be the perfect choice for your company.

The group will be split into teams, who will be tasked to build their own Wacky Wheels vehicle and use them to compete in six different races for 1st and 2nd place medals at the end.

More Fun Activities To Help Break The Ice

Favourite Year - This one is very simple but can spark some brilliant conver­sations. Ask each person in the room to tell the rest of the group what year their favourite has been and why.

Not only does it give people an insight into people’s personal experiences, but it also allows them to connect and find common ground (for example, discussing music or world events on that particular year).

Knock-Knock! - Go around the group and ask each person to tell their favourite knock-knock joke.

It’s a quick and basic activity, but it’ll guarantee to get your team talking and laughing with each other!



Still needing ideas?

Look through the rest of our team building ideas which are available across the whole of the UK with free venue finding. There are over 100 team building activities that should solve your problem of finding that fun team event.

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