Fancy Dress Ideas for a Hen Party

5 Hilarious Hen Party Fancy Dress IdeasDressing up for your hen party is a hilarious way to make your big night out all the more memorable. Here’s a list of our top 5 favourite fancy dress themes to help inspire you for what to wear on your last night as a bache­lor­ette.

5. 1920’s

A classic in every sense of the word, a vintage themed hen party has been a popular choice for girls on their last night of freedom for ages now. The old-fashioned design doesn’t stop the clothes from being stylish. Check our page to see how you can make your own vintage accessories like flappers and fascinators to wear on your hen night!

4. Heaven & Hell

Another all-time hen party classic, will you be naughty or nice on your hen party night? Dress up the whole gang as sweet, innocent angels or cheeky, mischievous devils, or mix the two together! Don’t forget you horns and halo on your way out the door!

3. Classic

No, we’re not talking about vintage again. We mean classic, traditional hen party. We’re talking tiaras, sashes and of course, the notorious L plate. Let the world know you’re a hen party who means business.

2. Disney

What better way to celebrate getting hitched to your prince charming than by dressing up as your favourite Disney princesses? Disney is an immensely popular hen party theme, despite the fact that downing shots of vodka is a little out of character for Snow White.

1. Army Girls

Another highly popular hen party theme, storm the clubs as a kitted out squadron of some seriously sassy soldiers!

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