5 Hen Party Drinking Games You Will Love

5 Hen Party Drinking Games You'll Love

Let’s face it drinking games come into play even with the best intentions of keeping classy and having ‘nothing whatsoever that reminds you of Uni nights out’. We say, but you had tons of fun right? We think it’s possible to play be able to have an awesome time playing drinking games (responsibly of course) without worrying about being a student throwback. That is, make the drinking games you play altogether different. 

We have organised 10'000 hen nights, so we know a thing or two about drinking games!

Here we give you 5 hen party drinking games you will love!




What Will You Need?

  • Lots of balloons
  • Alcohol

How to Play?

Gather each member of the party and get them to write on a piece of paper either something they have always wanted to ask the Bride to be or a cheeky dare (anything goes!) Place each piece of paper into a separate balloon.

Each member has to hold the balloon between their knees whilst walking to the other side of the room. If they drop the balloon – they then have to pop it. If the paper shows a dare that person either performs the dare or take a drink. If the paper shows a question they must ask the bride to be the question or take a drink.

It’s a perfect way to avoid any awkward silences and get the ladies giggly over a glass of Prosecco or two!



Don’t let it catch you!!

What Will You Need?

  • 2 Cups
  • 2 Dices
  • Alcohol

Rules of the Game

Members sit in a circle; give two people sitting opposite each other a cup and dice.  Each number has a different result.

1 = Pass the cup and dice to the person sitting to the left  

2 = Pass the cup and dice to the person sitting to the right

3 = drink your drink

4 = person to the right takes a shot

5 = person to the right takes a shot

6 = you take a shot

You must hurry because if both cups land on you then you have to forfeit and drink two drinks!



No need for any equipment on this one – just alcohol!

How to Play?

The first person begins by saying, for example “I’m going to get a drink and I’m going to get a shot of Tequila.” The next person repeats this and also adds a drink. This continues until someone forgets a drink or messes up.

Whoever messes up the order has to down their drink or do a shot.



Everyone loves a bit of Jenga, especially after a couple of glasses of….well whatever you like. This one requires a little time to prepare but it’s all worth it in the end.

What Will You Need?

  • Jenga game or similar
  • Marker pen
  • Alcohol

How to Play?

Prior to the hen party, write some dares on the individual Jenga pieces. At the party, the pieces must be carefully stacked up so that no dares are visible.

The rules of the game are quite simple: Everyone must pull a piece with their left hand (or right if they are left hand) being careful not to topple the tower! They then choose to perform the dare or take a drink/shot. If you knock down the whole thing you must drink your whole drink!



Pass the parcel with oven gloves on!

What Will You Need?

  • 2 dices
  • Oven gloves
  • Wrapping paper
  • A naughty little present to wrap up for the winner
  • Alcohol

How to Play?

Wrap up the gift with a couple of layers of wrapping paper. Hand one member the parcel and the person to the left of them the dices.

Ensure that the person with the parcel is wearing both gloves before the person with the dice rolls. Once the person rolls the dice the person wearing the gloves must try and unwrap the present.

The parcel and gloves can only be passed along once the person with the dice rolls numbers that add to 10 e.g. (4 and 6, 5 and 5)….You get the idea.

If someone rolls numbers that do not add up to 10 three times, then she has to forfeit – of course a drink or shot!


You can’t use teeth; you must only use your hands (with the gloves on of course)!



We reckon these 5 hen party drinking games will keep you entertained for a long while! If these don’t get you feeling giddy you can download our fantastic hen party games FREE PDF which has a whole host of hen party game ideas including drinking games, quiz type games and even games which have you getting down and physical!

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