5 Best Corporate Away Days

5 Best Corporate Away Days

When it comes to corporate team building, we offer a huge variety of unique and engaging activities for groups of all shapes and sizes! So, to offer some assistance with your planning process, we’ve listed a few of the best corporate away days for you and your team below.

Whether you’re looking to break the ice with a brand new workforce, motivate your team after a difficult period or treat them after a busy year, we’ve got the perfect team building days for you… and we’ve listed five of the best below! We also have some amazing 5 minute team building activities for you to try out during your corporate away days.

5 Best Corporate Away Days - Wacky Wheels

1. Wacky Wheels

A team building activity like no other, you and your team can feel like big kids again as smaller teams compete to build the fastest handmade vehicles that makes a fantastic opportunity for your team to showcase their creative side. With a heavy focus on commu­nica­tion, teamwork and colla­bora­tion soft skills, teams will take part in a host of challenges to earn their team’s racing sponsorship. In the finale of the wacky wheels team building experience, the one-lap race will determine who the winners of the day are, with medals given to first and second place teams!

5 Best Corporate Away Days - Old School Sports Day

2. Old School Sports Day

Go back to the good ol’ days and host a fully managed and exciting event for you team with an old school sports day team building activity. Including everything you remember from those summer sports days during your childhood like the sack race, egg and spoon race and so much more, you can guarantee that everyone will find something they love in this light-hearted workshop suitable for teams of all ages and abilities.

5 Best Corporate Away Days - Go Karting

3. Go Karting

A classic activity that everybody loves! Taking your team go-karting for your next corporate team building day is a great idea if you’re looking to host more of a treat than a team building workshop, especially if your team has had a busy period and deserve a break! Perfect for adrenaline junkies and total beginners, everybody can have an amazing time with go-karting and will definitely bring out a lot of laughter from everybody involved. We also have some unusual team building activities that you and your team may enjoy.

5 Best Corporate Away Days - Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

4. Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

Break out of the workplace and bring your team on an adventure as you explore the city centre with a smartphone city treasure hunt team building event. A fully self-run event that can be hosted in towns and cities across the UK, all your team needs on the day is the bespoke app and a compatible smartphone in order to start the activity. Smaller teams will split up and explore using the GPS map, unlocking rewards, challenges, questions and much more as you explore hotspots! Activities like this are great for small groups, check out some more team building activities for small groups.

5 Best Corporate Away Days - Classic English Garden Games

5. Classic English Garden Games

Hoping to make the most of the rare British sunshine? Then the best way to make the most of the summer and take your team out of the workplace for a light-hearted day of fun and games is by hosting a classic English garden games team building activity for your workforce. A versatile event that can be hosted at almost any outdoor venue with plenty of space, everybody will be split into smaller teams and rotate around activities for a chance to earn points. With games like croquet, giant Jenga and many more, this fully managed event is perfect for any team looking to get some fresh air on their next corporate activities day!

If you need help planning your team building we have plenty of event managers waiting to help you figure it all out. Browse through our many team building activities and find one that suits your team the most.

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