Ways Your Stag Doo is Good for You

4 Ways Your Stag Doo is Good for You

If you’ve clicked this article, you’ve probably already read the title, and if you’ve already read the title, you’re probably sitting there a bit confused. Fear not, we’re here to let you know the 4 ways your stag doo is good for you, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about celebrating your last night of freedom to the fullest.


No matter what you do for your stag party, if you’re getting a good group of pals together you’re bound to be having a lot of laughs. Laughter in itself is really good for you, medically and mentally. Laughing a lot throughout a short space of time stimulates your organs, lessens your stress levels and even boost your immune system in the long run – who knew ay! So, get out there and get laughing with your mates.

Your Mates

Not too get too soppy, but it’s been long proven that being around people you really like is a natural boost of happiness and good for your well-being. Especially in a stressful period of your life like wedding planning, having some pals around you keeps you level-headed and avoids any anxiety or worst case scenario, fights signs of depression. This is heightened if you’re spending time with males, as male bonding is proven to lower your stress levels – do you need more of an excuse?

The Beer

Okay, you’re going to think we’re lying about this one but it’s true…beer is good for you! Out of all the 4 ways your stag doo is good for you, this is definitely the best news. A moderate diet of beer protects you from all sorts of diseases to your cardi­ovas­cular system, and beer drinkers are 31% less likely to have strokes or heart attacks. So why wait? Make sure to keep your physical health in top condition and book a beer-based activity with the lads.

Adrenaline Rush

For most people, an adrenaline rush is a big craving from time to time and keeps life interesting. Stay with us here, an adrenaline rush for action-packed stag do activities causes stress while it’s happening, giving you a sense of wellbeing. However, this also helps your body adjust to everyday pressure and stress a lot better, keeping you calm and ultimately lessening the chance of heart failure and panic attacks. You know the saying, a dose of adrenaline a day keeps the doctor away – that is the saying, right?

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