Why a Hen Do is Good for You

4 Ways Your Hen Do is Good for You

Wedding celebrations aren’t just fun, they’re good for you, both on a mental and physical level. If for whatever reason you’re on the fence about having a celebration then we highly recommend you check out these 4 ways your hen do is good for you.

4 Ways Your Hen Do is Good for You Heart1. Seeing old friends

A hen party is a precious opportunity to catch up with your closest friends who have gone down different and distant paths in life. If you have a dear friend who lives many miles away everyone, this is a perfect chance to reconnect. Just try not to get too emotional!

4 Ways Your Hen Do is Good for You Tick2. Laugh lots

It may be a cliché but laughter really is the best medicine, and not just for your head but your body too. Don’t ask us how it works but laughter has been proven to strengthen the immune system, reducing pain and boosting energy. So sit down, grab a drink and laugh to you cry recounting all the great stories you have with the friends you go back years with.

4 Ways Your Hen Do is Good for You Hearts3. Seize the day

More cheesy and cliché sentiments coming your way, but once again nonetheless true: life is for living. It’s about gathering as many new and exciting experiences as possible. There’s so many hen night activities out there for you to try, experiences that you and your friends will keep with you for the rest of your life. Chilled out activities like a hen life drawing class work wonders for the mind, while fast paced games like old school sports day release feel good endorphins.

4 Ways Your Hen Do is Good for You Check4. Just dance

According to smart science people in America, thirty minutes of fast-paced dancing can burn up to 180 calories! A hen party does wonders for the mind, body and soul and isn’t something you get to do every day, so we wholeheartedly recommend you dive right in!

You can quickly and easily book a hen party with us on our website or over the phone on 0161 341 0052. We hope to hear from you soon and wish you a very happy trip!

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