Wedding Guests: The 4 Types

4 Types of Wedding Guests

It’s getting so close to wedding season, meaning everyone has started buying their outfits and posting countdowns on social media to get excited for your big day.

The best bit of advice when it comes to enjoying your wedding is to remember that not everything will go to plan, no matter how hard you try. This often refers to the guests, specifically these 4 types of wedding guests that you see every time!

The Incorrectly Dressed

You’ve sent out beautifully designed invitations with the dress code on them, you’ve reminded people on Facebook and you’ve even spoken to them face to face – but they still turn up not fitting your theme. Although this guest can be quite frustrating, it’s important to remember that it’s only a minor thing, and as long as their outfit isn’t totally inapprop­riate it’s not going to affect how much you enjoy your big day.

The Snap Happy One

There’s always one guest who thinks of themselves as an ace photog­rapher, gliding around the room constantly taking photos of anything and everything. They manage to get snaps of the good, drinks, dancing, ceremony, toilets, cute kids and more. Out of all 4 types of wedding guests, this kind can come in really handy when you want to cherish the memories of your big day (because they literally caught every minute of camera)!

The Crier

Usually a parent or family member, there’s always one weeping soul who needs a constant supply of tissues to wipe those happy tears away. Make sure you appreciate how happy this guest is for you and your new hubby, and pass out a lot of hugs throughout the day to keep them from bawling over the wedding meal.

The Life Saver

Above all the 4 types of wedding guests is your very own personal life saver, who usually comes in the form of a bridesmaid or maid of honour. This gal has your back from the minute you get up that morning to the minute you say goodbye for your first night being married. Whatever you need, they’re there to help you be the happiest you can on your special day. A drink? No problem. Someone to hold your dress? No bother. Someone to calm your wedding jitters? That’s what this person was made for! The life saver will also do things like ensure everyone fills out the guest book, here are some amazing personalised guest book ideas if you haven't yet got this part sorted. 

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