Things to Avoid When Planning

4 Things to Avoid When Planning Your Stag Do

Getting a stag do right is very important, so here’s what not to do when planning your bachelor best mates last night of freedom.

Ever heard the expression too many cooks spoil the broth? I don’t know who said it but they knew what they were on about. Actually I’ve just thought of another one: a camel is a horse designed by committee. Anyway, my point is, if too many of you are pitching in then the whole thing becomes a muddle of ideas and conflicting intents. Some people want to go kayaking, others want to go strip clubs and as far as I know there isn’t a combination of the two. If there is then we need to get on it because we could make a killing off that. If you need an advisor, pick one or two people from your group but leave the rest out of it. Okay? Okay.

Things to Avoid While Planning a Stag DoNext, (and I hate to sound like your mum here but) get yourself organised. A stag do isn’t something you want to play by ear. It rarely goes well. It’s best to be prepared, no matter what kind of stag do you’re planning. We can help with that. Get yourself one of our free (yes, free!) stag do planning checklists. It might seem like a simple checklist but it can work wonders helping you collect your thoughts and remind of things you might’ve forgotten, as well as containing some killer stag do ideas.


Third. Don’t go planning it all without consulting the groom first. It’s his stag do after all. Unless he explicitly gives you free reign to do whatever the hell you want and surprise him on the big day, you need to talk to him and find out what he’s after. Not to be “that guy”, but his missus might not be too happy if she finds out he’s been off to the strip club stuffing twenty quid notes down Sapphire’s brassiere. He might not think the consequences of his actions are worth the trouble, if you see what I’m saying.

Finally, make sure you pick the right stag do location. If you’ve got mates coming from far and wide, make sure to pick a location that accommodates them as best you can and save them some unnecessary travel time. If you’re all from the same area, I say use this as an opportunity to travel farther afield and see a bit more of the world.

Here are some quick links to stag do locations and stag do ideas on our website.

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