Four Crafty and Creative Hen Party Ideas

There’s4 Crafty and Creative Hen Party Ideas lots of artistic activities for a crafty and creative hen party to choose from, but here are  four of our favourites.

Brush up on your artistic skills with a hen party life drawing class! A fun activity that’s cheeky but not at all crude, draw a male model in a variety of poses with an experienced instructor guiding you throughout. nude life drawing is a mobile event, so you can host it in a venue of your choice. You don’t need to worry about bringing anything along with you, all the equipment is provided. You’ll get to take home your finished work afterwards, so be sure to put in 100% effort!

This activity is perfect for those planning a vintage hen party who need to look the part. Make your very own 1920’s style flapper headbands, feathers and all! Flapper headband making hen parties is another mobile activity that can be hosted in your home or venue of your choice. You don’t need to worry about bringing any bits and bobs, it’s all supplied for you, although feel free to bring your own materials to personalise your headband and make it unique to you! An expert crafting instructor will be there to ensure you make some authentic vintage attire, just like how they used to make them!

 Crafty and Creative Hen Party Flower CrownsMake your own colourful flower crowns for your bridesmaids to wear on the wedding day! These crowns aren’t just beautiful, they’re lots of fun to make, and making them yourself means you get to customise them to suit you down to the ground. Yet another activity you can host in your home or a venue of your choice and guided by an instructor who will help you to unleash your flower power!

Your wedding won’t just need beautiful bridesmaids, it’ll need some lovely Crafty and Creative Hen Party Bunting decoration, so try a bunting making hen party and make exactly the kind of decorations you want! You’ll be able to colour match and coordinate to any theme you like, and customise to your hearts content! An instructor will be there to help every step of the way as you cut, sew and laugh the day away.

Yet another activity you can make use of on the big day, perfume making hen parties are an enjoyable and unique activity that everyone is sure to love. Sample from 18 different blends, then choose your favourite scents to make a unique blend that’s entirely your own. Give an alluring name and take it home with you to use whenever you please! Don’t worry about running out, that’s the coolest part! You’ll get a special E-card so you can order your special perfume online for years to come.

That’s just four fun-filled activities for the crafty hens of the world. There’s loads more to be found, and if you need any more information you can give us a call on 0161 341 0052, or look through our hen party activities here

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