25 Hen Party Themes

25 Hen Party Themes

Spice up your hen party with any one of these fabulous 25 hen party themes!

These unique and exciting things are guaranteed to make your hen party that little bit extra special. Not to mention it’ll make you all much easier to find in a crowded club! With over fifty themes to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit you and can even pair well with your hen party activities. So, without further ado, here are 25 hen party themes...

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1. Disney

What better way to celebrate meeting your prince charming than with a Disney themed hen party? We all love Disney films, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Disney is an immensely popular hen party theme. If you can avoid any heated debates about who gets to be Belle, then a Disney themed hen night out is a full proof plan.

2. Vintage

1920’s fashion has managed to hold on to that old school cool factor that makes it a smash hit with hen parties. 1920’s dresses and the accessories that go with them such as flappers, fascinators are genuinely stylish to this day and a great choice for a hen night out.

Activity to suit this theme: Mobile 1920's Flapper Headband Making Hen Party

3. Bootcamp Brides

A military themed hen party is a sure fire way to get people’s atten-shun! Strom the club and breach the bar as some sassy soldiers. Then you can re-group in maccies for some well-earned rations before heading back to base to pass out on your bunks.

4. Pirates

Assemble your crew and set sail for the nearest nightclub as a band of partying pirates, even if you’re more likely to be sipping a glass of sangria than chugging a bottle of rum.

5. Heaven & Hell

The best part of this hen party theme happens before the night out even begins; choosing who should be the innocent angels and who should be the devious devils!

6. Cheerleaders

American’s love high school. It’s like a cultural thing for them, rather than something to just get over with like in the UK! It’s no wonder then that it’s only them who incorporate cheeky, cheerful cheerleaders into their sporting events. But why should they have all the fun? Hit the town as some pumped-up and energetic cheerleaders, pom poms and all.

Activity to suit this theme: Cheerleading Dance Hen Party

25 Hen Party Themes

7. Kardashians

The Kardashians are celebrity marmite. You either love them or hate them. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter which stance you take when it comes to dressing up as them! If you love them you get to dress up as some celebrity icons, if you hate them you get to make fun of them. It’s a win-win.

8. Bavarian

Are you the kind of girl who prefers beer to cocktails? If so, then heading to your hen party as a beautiful Bavarian is the perfect choice for you. Just don’t head to a Bierkeller show or people will mistake you for staff!

9. Superheroes

It’s the age of the superhero. Disney & Marvel are churning out blockbuster superhero hits like there’s no tomorrow, making it the perfect time to put on your cape and tights. Assemble the avengers, unite the justice league, or mix marvel and DC together.

10. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a show that’s accomplished a lot. Not only has it somehow managed to make wizards and dragons cool, it’s the biggest TV show currently on the air, with its latest season gaining over 25 million viewers. It’s also given us some of the most badass female characters seen in recent years, the perfect characters to dress up as on your hen do!

11. Hawaiian

Dress up in Hula skirts and hit the town as a Hawaiian hen party. Don’t forget your lei (that’s what they call those neat flower necklaces in case you didn’t know!) and your cheeky floral bra!

Activity to suit this theme: Kanaloa Club Entry & Booths Hen Party in London

12. Nurses

Dress up as a naughty nurse and seize your opportunity to deliver some god-awful pickup lines such as “You’re looking very hot. I may have to take your temperature” to some poor unsuspecting bloke.

13. Cops & Robbers

Just like angles and devils you’re sure to have fun picking out which of you is best suited to being a copper or a robber! Everyone loves a woman in uniform and the robbers are sure to have a right laugh running around and causing havocs in their masks and stripy shirts!


14. Grannies

This theme is ridiculously funny. Dress up in your finest granny frocks and wigs to create the most unique hen party theme. This theme is easily put together and a cheap alternative for those hen parties on a budget. You’re sure to have a hilarious night dressed like a grandma.

15. Pyjama Party

Nothing better than a good ol’ fashioned sleepover. If you’re looking for a more relaxed theme where you can shove your slippers on and snuggle up on the couch with the girls, then this out of all our hen party themes is perfect for you. Grab your favourite pair of pjs and a glass of wine and you’ll be set for the night.

16. Back to School

There are many different back to school variations to choose from. There’s the Britney Spears version (you know the one). Or you can go down the route of more of a stereotypical ‘nerd’ alternative.

Activity to suit this theme: Old School Sports Day Hen Party

17. 80’s

The era that brought us neon, fishnet and leg warmers. There’s no such thing as going OTT with this theme. Get some inspiration from some of the most fashionable stars from the 80s. Including, pop sensations such as Madonna and Cher. You’re sure to turn head with this one.

Activity to suit this theme: 80's Dance Hen Party

18. Groovy Hippies

Get down with this funky hippie theme. All you need is a few flares, flowers in your hair and the peace sign at least somewhere on your body. You’ll look totally groovy maaan!

19. Barbie 

C’mon Barbie lets go party! There’s plenty of different Barbie styles to choose from. This is the ultimate girly hen party theme and the perfect excuse to wear all things pink. So, grab your sparkiest dress and tallest stilettos before your big night out. All you need now is your dreamy Ken.

20. Botanical

This is probably one of the prettiest themes going. This is the theme where you can go completely mad with flowers and all things green. Make sure to keep things natural, not forgetting some pretty flower crowns to top the look off. This is a very modern alternative for a hen party theme.

21. Festival

Similar to Botanical, however, add a lot more glitter and a lot less clothing. Wellies, shorts and sunglasses are a must for this theme. This is the perfect summer hen party theme and is sure to lift everyone’s moods. And with Leeds being one of the top places for a fstival, why not cleebrate there? 

22. Pink Ladies

Sandy, Frenchie, Jan, Marty or Rizzo? Choose your pink lady and strut around town in your flashy jackets. All you need is a pair of tight black leggings, black t-shirt and your pink jacket. It’s as simple as that. Simple but very effective girls.

Activity to suit this theme: Grease Dance Hen Party

23. Tutus & Tiaras

This is your typical hen party attire. This is the theme were willy straws, whistles and neon tutus are most definitely allowed. Hey, and why not! Personally, we hope this theme never goes out of fashion.

24. Burlesque

Not so much nipple tassels and sexy underwear, but something along those lines. Just a little more… PG. All this cheeky theme needs is ruffled skirts and a few feather bowers. You can well and truly let your hair down with this theme.

Activity to suit this theme: Burlesque Dance Hen Party

25. Masquerade

Last but not least on our list of 25 hen party themes, we have Masquerade. This is a little bit mysterious but a lot of fun. What better way to get glammed up before the big day arrives? Forget about all the stress, pamper yourself and feel like Cinderella for the night with a masquerade hen party theme.


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