5 Unforgettable Stag Night Ideas

5 Unforgettable Stag Night Ideas

With another year comes another stag do to arrange! Check out these top 5 stag night activities that have have been tried and tested.

Its always difficult to start planning a stag do and with so much on offer it can seem a daunting task. However we have whittle this down to down just 5 of th best stag activities.

5 Top Stag Night Ideas

Footdarts Stag Do Activity - Sometimes the simpler activities are the best activities and that can definitely be said for the Football Darts Stag Do.

It is an active bit of fun that combines two of the greatest sports there are, football and golf. And trust us this activity is perfect if you aren’t too sure on exactly the activity you want to include.

Babes Bar Crawl Stag Do - First up is a classic and an activity that your entire group will appreciate. We are sure beer will be incorporated a lot into your weekend so it would make sense to include the Beer Babes Bar Crawl Stag Do into your day.

It is an activity that will have you and the lads will be lead around your chosen city by some gorgeous beer babes who will take you in and out of some amazing bars together.

Beer Babes Bar Crawl Stag Do

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt - Another great stag do idea is the Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt Stag Do where you and the lads will be able to make your way around the city and go head to head in smaller teams.

Within this treasure hunt you will have to go to different hotspots around your chosen city and answer various trivia questions, complete challenges and unlock clues. Whilst going into some pubs of course.

Archery Battle Zone Tag - And for a unique stag activity the Archery Battle Zone Tag Stag Do is the perfect one to go for. It will have you and the lads in an experience like no other that requires your concen­tra­tion, skill and patience to work your way around the bow and arrow.

All in all, it is a great activity that will have you and the lads in hysterics together as you create amazing memories.

Nude Life Drawing Parties - Add something cheeky into your stag weekend with help of the Nude Life Drawing Stag Do. Ever wanted to recreate the scene from the Titanic?

Well now is your chance to with this classic stag do activity. Get your pens and paper out and get ready to draw your female model as she gets into a variety of poses for you all.

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