How to Prepare for Your Marriage Proposal

10 Ways to Prepare For Your Proposal

Make sure you have got everything planned for your marriage proposal…

A marriage proposal isn’t as easy as it seems, if this is your first time preparing a proposal or not you will know how nerve wracking it can be. So we thought we would come up with all the tips of what to do before proposing so that you can make sure it all runs smoothly. Once you have covered all aspects of this wedding proposal checklist you will be well on your way to having the ultimate marriage proposal for the love of your life.

10 Ways to Prepare for Your Wedding Proposal

1. Make Sure You Are On the Same Page

Now this one is an important one. It might seem obvious but before you start preparing how you will pop the question you need to make sure that you and your partner are both thinking of marriage as the next step. A good way to see if marriage is on the brain is by talking about a recent engagement, or a friend who is thinking of proposing. That way you will really see what her thoughts are towards it.

2. Save Up

The tradition about an engagement ring says that it should cost three months’ salary. But of course that doesn’t have to be what you follow. Instead think about putting some money away here and there in advance and come up with a budget that you are comfortable with.

3. Make Sure the Size is Right

One of the hardest parts of buying an engagement ring is ensuring that the size is right. If you are doing it secretly perhaps find a ring you know she wears regularly and take it with you when you go to the jewellers or make a mark of where it goes on your own finger. And remember if you don’t get this bit perfect you can always get it resized.

4. Chat with The Parents

If the parents are traditional this is definitely something you have to do. Especially if your other half has hinted that you would need to ask their parents for permission! And if you do this you can get their advice on ways to do it and what style ring if you are needing a helping hand.

5. Do Your Research

And remember, this is a piece of jewellery that your other half will be wearing every day so you need to make sure it is a ring that she will be happy to wear.

6. Get Personal

Once you have got the ring sorted it is time to think about all of the different ways to propose and think of how you can make it personal to you and the love of your life. If you are after some inspiration check out the best ways to propose.

7. Write Down Some Notes

Sometimes when you are in a certain situation it can be hard to get your words out. So why not jot down a few notes of things you definitely want to say. That way you have some sort of direction to follow when it is time to get down on one knee.

8. Plan A Celebration

And after they say yes we are sure a celebration will be appreciated. So why not organise a meal, inviting the family around for the evening or just enjoy a bottle of bubbly together. It will be a great way to remember the celebration.

9. Keep the Ring Safe

Again another very important one. The last thing you want is to get to the special day and of misplaced the ring! Make sure you have a safe place to keep the ring until the right time. If you don't remember anything else, remember this when you're thinking of what to do before proposing.

10. Find the Perfect Moment

Speaking of the right time, it is important that you find the perfect moment to pop that all important question. Don’t rush anything, wait until the moment feels right and then get down on one knee.

How to Prepare for your Marriage Proposal?

What to Say While Proposing?

To set you straight on your proposing endeavours, we’ve put together a few key elements to hit whilst you’re down on one knee. What to say while you propose should be a walk in the park, but often our brains stumble when under pressure – it’s normal! Make sure you go into the engagement proposal with a rough plan to give your mind time to ease and your heart space to say what’s right.

What to Say While Proposing?

Write All the Reasons You Love Them

Let’s start off easy and simply bullet point all the points you love about your significant other. Skip the longwinded sentences, this practice will simply solidify and put into an order all the reasons so you can refer back to it easily if you’re in a fluster.

Reference the Past

Whether your relationship has spanned a decade or a month, reference some of your memorable firsts. This is a great way to take your beloved on the same journey you’ve been on to get to this proposal. A great place to start is the defining moment you knew your significant other was The One.

Look to the Future

Proposing is the first step to spending your life together – so you’ve got a lot to look forward too! Have you talked about how many kids you want? Mention that. Do you have any dream destinations you want to experience? Throw it in there.

Don’t be Afraid to Get Emotional

This milestone of your life is one of the most emotional, so don’t let the muddle of feelings get in your way. If you cry, don’t be embarrassed! If you’re nervous, play on those emotions. Show vulnerability is sure to make the moment more beautiful for both people.

Say More by Saying Less

Don’t forget that if you’re nervous, your partner is probably nervous too. Make sure to keep your proposal shorter so that you can get to the-all important four words “Will you marry me?”. If you come out with an incredibly wordy engagement speeches, chances are they’ll be too overwhelmed to remember everything you say anyway.

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